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Our service allows you to register a unique email address containing only your first and last names. A family email address is affordable, comfortable, unusual and prestigious . Your last name is what you should be proud of, so let others see it.



Advantages of a family email address

It’s always been more prestigious to have your email address on a commercial domain than on a free email server. Some online services even require that users do not use addresses registered on free servers like such, Now you have a great chance to register a unique email address – and it won’t be just a commercial server, but a domain matching your own last name! Use your name as the first part of your email address and get your own BECK FAMILY EMAIL!
We often have to spell our email address letter by letter to make sure the other party puts it down correctly. It is also unlikely that others will immediately memorize it. Creation of a family address solves this problem once and for all, as everybody you communicate with know your first and last names, which means that they will never forget your email!
You can access your email using a web interface and your favorite email application using a secure connection. Our service uses the world’s leading email provider - GMAIL from Google Inc. Its intuitive interface based on the cutting-edge AJAX technology, 8 gigabytes of personal storage space, virtually impenetrable spam filters and ultimate security make your daily email-associated tasks a real pleasure.
An additional advantage of our service is that every user can create his or her unique family email, so there is no fight for nice and short emails as it usually happens with regular services. But you shouldn’t linger, too, if you don’t want to lose your family email to someone who has the same first name. If it happens, however, you will always be able to simply select a vairiation to your first name or add a middle name for your family email address.
Of course, creation of a family email entails some expenses (you need to purchase a domain name, configure email addresses and maintain your account). However, we tried to do everything possible to offer the lowest price that is very close to the nominal value of the services. For instance, an email address like will cost you just $19.95 per year! This is significantly lower than the actual cost of a domain name and email hosting.
Some users are apparently skilled enough to purchase a domain name and email hosting on their own. But think how much time an average user can spend solving technical problems: planning the process, choosing the right provider, purchasing the domain name and hosting services, making the payment, “pinging” technical support and making sure everything is configured and working properly. The majority of users have neither the time nor desire to delve into these technical details, but they still want to have a family email. That’s why we assumed the technical responsibility for the set-up process, so you will be able to become an owner of a personal family address without dealing with the technical side of things! If you already have a permanent email address, you will only need to configure its forwarding to the new address. Changing your email is really easy!
Picking a good gift for a friend, colleague or family member is always a problem. A family email is a great present for any person spending a lot of time on the Internet and using email. Sending messages from a personal family address is a real pleasure, so share this pleasure with people you care about. If they like going online, they will definitely appreciate it!
In addition to a family email address, you can create a personal blog on the same family domain! Your online diary will be available at . .com (or any other domain). We use Google’s Blogger for our blogging services. If you already have a blog on a different service, we’ll help you transfer it!